Why You? Me? Now?

If one or more of the following describe you then you’re at the right place …..

• You have (or want to have) savings/income to protect & grow.

• You have family & friends that depend on you.

• You want to see a better world. Less War, Corruption, Trade Wars, Currency Devaluation, and Confiscation of Savings through Theft or Depreciation. You want a more Equitable distribution of Wealth, Savings to be Rewarded, Stable Prices of Food, Energy, Homes, Education, and basic Necessities.

• You want to see governments accountable to the Public. A sustainable size relative to the Public Sector. So that lobbyist, former politicians and the elite cannot incentivise certain groups and industries over others.

• You have family & friends that will benefit from this information.

• You got ‘knocked down’ or 'set back' by the last Financial Crisis, and not only do you never want to be in that position again, you want to be the better off for it.

• You understand compounding and exponential growth, and thus understand the unsustainablity of the current economic models, systems, and institutions.

• You can see the logic & reasoning, and You agree, even if only to a degree.

• You want to be financially free, able to dictate your own schedule, manage your own business, assets.

• You’re not yet in the position financially, geographically, that you’d like to be in, and you want information and practically advice on how to get there.

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I am a ....

Company President

• Over the last 19 years (or more) I have....
-Invested in the Precious Metals
-Invested/Traded Futures, Stocks, Options, FOREX, CFD
-Operated a Japanese Antique Collector Dealership from Japan
-Established 2 Corporation in Japan
-Established the main online Gold/Silver Dealership in Japan

• I want to help 1 million people before 2020! To be financially educated, building assets for income to become financially free. Thereby making a positive difference in the world today and for future generations!

• After years of family and friends asking me about how I make money, conduct business, and invest, I began to teach. Since time is money, I had to do so in a way that enabled me to teach many at once, which I have been able to do now over the internet, with students around the world.

• I literally began with nothing, since then, with years of study, hard work and time, success and failure, I’ve made a lot of money, (I’ve even lost a lot of money). I will show you where I made my mistakes and where I’ve had success, secrets, tips, tricks so You can short-cut your way there!

• Traveling the world from nearly the time I was born, and having a strong interest in history, geopolitics, religion, finances has helped me hone my perspective on currencies, economics, institutions and 'value'. (I've been to Canada, Mexico, Korea, Thailand, Indonesia, Philippines, Taiwan, Hong Kong, U.S.A. and Japan. -Hoping to add more to this list.)

• From a young age I was forced to deal with finances, taking care of myself as young teenager, and raising a family as a young father (now 6 children) . --So I had to ‘grow up’ fast. I was wise enough to start purchasing precious metals back in 1999/2000 (Gold at $300/Silver at $5), although not wise enough to see what the ‘powers that be’ would do to it’s threatening rise in 2011. See my FREE Report here for details.

• I know that the laws of economics and mathematics cannot be bent to the whims and designs of Institutions, Governments, Central Banks, and their Financial Wizards behind the Curtain at Oz, at least not in the long term. I hope to put you ahead of the masses, which are eventually going to catch on, creating massive value and wealth in the process!

• I believe in Freedom, Justice, Equal Opportunity, Peace and Harmony with Nature, and see an emerging, unstoppable trend of decentralization of power, the decentralization of ‘money’ being a key component.

• My mission is to empower You! -The largest event of the century is about to unfold, it’s an opportunity you don’t want to miss or be ruined by. It is the most important information for the world today, as it directly relevant to each of our lives. I’m ready for this event, but I want as many of my friends and family to be as well.

• I know at least 1 strategy, at least 1 step that you can take now, that will benefit you! --Probably many more. For example, a strategy that a Billionaire I know is implementing, can be done by someone with less than a $1!

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• There is no time better time to take action than now to have a better life, and do your part to make the world a better place!

• There is a New Global Crisis coming! It will dwarf all Crisis’ that have gone before!

• It will affect every single human in the world! It will be a Crisis that no government can solve, as they will be insolvent. The laws of economics and mathematics demand that it will happen, and soon!

• You must be ready for it now! –Timing is important!

• The Japanese KANJI (Character) for ‘Crisis’ is 危機 ( read KIKI ), which is the combination of 'Danger & Opportunity' . It will be opportunity for those who are prepared. It will be Danger for those who are not.

• You don’t try to buy fire insurance when you’re house is burning! You have to have had the foresight to buy it in advance if you wish to collect. ---Start preparing now.

• This Crisis will be a culmination of all the wrong, negative decisions since the early 1900’s. The only question that remains is; 'what will be the first domino to fall, that will set off the fall of the rest?'. The snow is falling & has already built up on the mountain side. Will there be a final snowflake that will set off the pending avalanche? Or will it be a deliberate shot of a gun that will begin the slide?

• Whenever or however it happens, you’ll either be prepared or you won’t, and you will not have much time, if any, to react, once it begins.

• Gold & Silver and other tangibles will be the direct beneficiaries of this restructuring. As ‘Money’ and what people use as a ‘store of value’ will be redefined.

• Many of the problems of the world will be solved with a restructuring, a declaration of bankruptcy of governments, debt forgiveness, or a revaluation of the metals. The history of the world is replete with examples of this occurring.

• You must Understand the reasons ‘Why’ the Crisis happened before hand! Those in power will blame ‘Free Markets’, and ‘Capitalism’ when neither have been practiced for quite some time. They will most likely reach for a larger power grab, saying if they only had MORE control there would be no crisis’. A gullible, uneducated public could fall for this trap, or even beg for their freedom to be taken away to save their finances.

• At time I write this Gold and Silver are (in my opinion) extremely undervalued! Making it an ideal time to accumulate.

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